Indiana Consumer Law

In Indiana, the mini-FTC act is Ind. Code. § 24-5-0.5-1 to 12. Under this legislation, a plaintiff has a cause of action if they have relied upon an uncured or incurable deceptive act and have actually suffered damages.  The plaintiff may be awarded damages or $500; whichever is greater. This amount may be increased for a willful deceptive act that does not exceed three-times the amount of the damages or $1,000. Injunctive relief is also available. The violator is also subject to fines from the state.  No action may be brought, unless the deceptive act is incurable or the consumer bringing the action shall have given notice in writing to the supplier within the sooner of six months after the initial discovery of the deceptive act, one year following such consumer transaction, or any time limitation, not less than thirty days, of any period of warranty applicable to the transaction, which notice shall state fully the nature of the alleged deceptive act and the actual damage suffered therefrom, and unless such deceptive act shall have become an uncured deceptive act. Plaintiffs can bring a class action suit against violators.