Industry Lawyers Take Action

Are you an industry lawyer (perhaps retired?) with ideas for how to make contracts

in your industry fair, accessible and understandable?


Steps you can take today:

1) Contact us to indicate your field of interest/speciality and what you know that would help to make standard form contracts fair, accessible and understandable for consumers; send an email to Theresa [at];

2)  Does your industry/business make contracts accessible to consumers or other parties for review prior to the point of sale?  Are your contracts posted on line or available for review in your places of business? Let us know as we seek to highlight best practices for making contracts fair, accessible and understandable.

3)  Does your industry road test with consumers/do research on how fair, accessible and understandable the terms are of your standard form contracts?  Do you have information to share on this?

4)  Does your industry/business allow consumers to negotiate aspects of their standard form contracts?  If so, what aspects?

5)  Would you be interested in testifying or advocating for fair, accessible, and understandable contracts in your area of specialty/industry?

6)  Does your industry have a model fair, accessible and understandable contract that you would like to submit for consideration of our best practices highlights?