Ohio Consumer Law

In Ohio, the mini-FTC act is located at Ohio Rev. Code Ann. §§1345.01 through 1345.13 (Consumer Sales Practices Act) and Ohio Rev. Code Ann. §§4165.01 through 4165.04 (Deceptive Trade Practices Act).  Under this legislation, plaintiffs have a cause of action when a supplier commits unfair, unconscionable or deceptive acts (this excludes financial institutions and dealers in intangibles, lenders other than payday lenders, mortgage brokers, and nonbank mortgage lenders and their loan officers).  To sustain an action, the plaintiff must not show actual harm due to defendant’s conduct.  There is a statute of limitations for actions under the statute of two years.

A successful plaintiff is entitled to rescind the transaction or recover their actual economic damages.  Noneconomic damages under the statute are capped at five thousand dollars, and attorney’s fees are recoverable if the supplier has knowingly committed an act or practice that violates the act.  Class actions are permitted under the statute.