Minnesota Consumer Law

In Minnesota, the mini-FTC acts are Minnesota – additional duties of attorney general; Minnesota – False Statement in Advertising Act; Minnesota – Prevention of Consumer Fraud Act.  Under this legislation, plaintiffs have a cause of action when any person who acts, uses or employs any fraud, false pretense, false promise, misrepresentation, misleading statement or deceptive practice, with the intent that others rely thereon in connection with the sale of any merchandise, whether or not any person has in fact been misled, deceived, or damaged thereby.  To sustain an action, the plaintiff must show actual harm due to the defendant’s conduct.  There is no statute of limitations for actions under the statute.

            A successful plaintiff is entitled to damages and other equitable relief, as determined by the court as potential remedies for a violation.  Damages under the statute are not capped, and attorneys’ fees are recoverable. Class actions are permitted under the statute.