Fine Print and the Frankenstorm

Hurricane Sandy, dubbed as the “Frankenstorm,” has citizens hauling out their insurance contracts right now and trying to understand what is  covered in the fine print. 

The losses are in the billions, depending on who is doing the assessing. And insurance companies often try to push costs on the federal government or individuals.   

What will consumers be able to recover?  An informed consumer will stand a better chance. 

A number of sources offer pointers:   

  • J. Robert Hunter, Director of Insurance at the Consumer Federation of America, provides tips on how to get fair claims payments at CFA’s website, here.
  • also also provides tips for what homeowners should know about hurricanes and flood insurance, here. 
  • The Federal Trade Commission discusses how to avoid getting ripped off in home repairs on their website, here. 
  • And a number of state Attorney Generals offices have tips or brochures on home repair; check your state AG’s website for basic provisions to include in a contract or of which to be wary.