A Monthly Fee To Use Your Debit Card? Just SAY NO to more bank fees!

CALL YOUR BANK TODAY and tell them not to mess with your debit card!  Take action NOW: 

The media today is reporting that Bank of America and other large banks are going to or are testing whether to charge their customers a fee, as much as $5, for the customers’ "privilege" of accessing their own money with a debit card.  

Learn more about the history of debit card regulation, and how much money the banks already are making off debit card fees, by reading the work of Fair Contracts summer law intern Geoff Walters.  Check out the matrix comparing a few banks, community banks and credit union fees, as well. 

Tell Bank of America and the other banks to stop nickel and diming their customers!

And then take a look at the fine print in your next few bank statements to see if you are being charged a new monthly fee to use a debit card to access your own money.